Dovey Wan

Dovey "Rug the fiat" Wan

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30 October 2011

Dovey Wan is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency domain, having founded Primitive Ventures, a venture investment firm. With a Twitter journey starting in October 2011, Wan has established a substantial following, sharing her insights through nearly 16,000 tweets to over 116,000 followers. Her profile suggests a deep involvement in the crypto space, with a philosophy of valuing substance and freedom.

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Dovey "Rug the fiat" Wan - About

  • Investment Insights: Offers perspectives on cryptocurrency investments and market trends.
  • Industry Commentary: Provides analysis and commentary on the broader crypto industry, including shifts in trends and market dynamics.
  • Philosophical Musings: Shares thoughts on the intersection of technology, freedom, and finance.
  • Community Interaction: Engages with the crypto community, fostering discussions that reflect on the current state and future of digital currencies.

Dovey Wan presents a blend of investment acumen and philosophical thought leadership in the cryptocurrency sphere. Her Twitter feed serves as a rich source of industry insights, reflective commentary, and a vision for the future of finance, resonating with a diverse audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors.

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0.44% Very Low
Average Gain per day (30 days): ~ 3 Total Number per 30 Days: ~ 99 Followers Gain: ~ 0.08%
Total Views per 30 days: ~ 259,198 Views Gain: ~ -40.83% Views per post: ~ 14,400
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Total Likes per 30 days: ~ 908 Likes per post: ~ 50 Very Low Likes Rate:
Likes Rate Reach: Very Low Likes Gain: ~ -46.10%
Total Comments per 30 days: ~ 152 Comments per post: ~ 8 Very Low Comments Rate:
Comments Rate Reach: Very Low Comments Gain: ~ -75.99%
No Data
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 73 Quotes per post: ~ 4 Very Low Quotes Rate:
Very Low
Quotes Rate Reach: Very Low Quotes Gain: ~ -86.17%
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