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30 April 2018

David Hoffman, known on Twitter as @TrustlessState, is a key figure in the blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) space, serving as the co-owner of Bankless and a general partner at Bankless Ventures. His social media presence reflects his enthusiasm for exploring and narrating the advancements in frontier technologies, particularly those related to the blockchain ecosystem.

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1. Blockchain and DeFi Advocacy: David’s tweets often focus on the potential and evolution of blockchain technology and DeFi. He positions himself as an optimistic storyteller, articulating complex ideas in accessible ways and advocating for a bankless society, where finance is decentralized and more accessible to everyone.

2. Educational and Thought Leadership: Through his role at Bankless, David engages with a broad audience to educate and inform about the nuances of living a bankless life. His content is rich with insights drawn from his deep involvement in blockchain research and operations, making it valuable for both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the crypto space.

3. Professional Journey and Achievements: His LinkedIn profile outlines a significant background in blockchain operations and research, with previous roles that include Chief of Operations at RealT, where he worked on tokenizing real estate. His experiences provide a solid foundation for his current endeavors and thought leadership in blockchain technologies.

4. Personal Philosophy and Views: David expresses a clear distaste for traditional banking systems, aligning with his professional focus on promoting alternatives provided by blockchain and DeFi. His tweets and professional engagements reflect this philosophy, advocating for innovations that challenge conventional financial infrastructures.

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