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Manu Terrones GodoyKManuS88N/AYouTubeESN/A
Travladd CryptoTravladd CryptoLowTwitterENLow
Daan Crypto TradesDaan Crypto TradesLowTwitterENMedium
hayden.ethhayden.ethVery LowTwitterENMedium
Meltem DemirorsMeltem DemirorsLowTwitterENLow
Ryan Sean AdamsRyan Sean AdamsMediumTwitterENMedium
Suji YanSuji YanLowTwitterEN, ZHLow
Rachel SiegelRachel Siegel (CryptoFinally)Very LowTwitterENLow
David HoffmanDavid HoffmanMediumTwitterENMedium
DeFi Dad ⟠ defidad.ethDeFi Dad ⟠ defidad.ethN/ATwitterENN/A
酷可實驗室Coocolab logo酷可實驗室CoocolabN/AYouTubeZHN/A
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Discover The Best DeFi Discord, Telegram, a Twitter Groups With CoinLaunch!

Even though the concept of decentralized finance is relatively new, it has caught the attention of both investors and businesses. As the DeFi space expands, numerous crypto influencers have emerged, offering educational, trading, and investing insights to the community. However, one crucial element remains missing – an all-in-one platform that will unite all of these investors in one place and present comprehensive analysis on each persona or a team.

We are proud to introduce CoinLaunch, a revolutionary crypto ranking platform that gathers, reviews and rates all small, established and hyped DeFi influencers. Here our team examines each influencer’s social media presence, audience, engagement rate (ER), promoted projects, association to scams and about other 80 factors of a crypto influencer to present all the findings in our all-encompassing list. 

How do we rank DeFi Telegram groups?

We've got a special way of rating new and top DeFi Telegram groups, and it's called the CoinLaunch Score. This score is like a mix of over 80 factors that look into things like influencer’s experience, engagement rate, reviews, number of followers, quality of content, influencer’s website, posting frequency, etc. We crunch the numbers using a special formula that digs into the stats and official info about each influencer. This helps us give a fair and complete evaluation of both the big shots and the up-and-comers in the DeFi scene.

What topics do DeFi YouTube influencers talk about?

The content DeFi YouTube influencers share differs from one influencer to another: some people blog about news; some share insights, memes, and their reaction to crypto trends; some crypto bloggers give advice on trading and hot investment opportunities. There are tons of crypto DeFi YouTube influencers in each category and not all of the accounts are worth following. You should diligently research each crypto influencer before trusting their information or financial pieces of advice.

Where to find DeFi Twitter influencers?

If you're on the hunt for DeFi Twitter influencers, you can start by searching for related hashtags right on Twitter. Another way is to hit up Google and look for articles that list these influencers. But be cautious, the info in those articles might be outdated. Both these methods take time and might not give you the whole picture or in-depth analysis of DeFi Twitter influencers.

A smarter move is to check out the ultimate CoinLaunch list of DeFi influencers. We've done the legwork for you. Our list is carefully put together by crypto pros who've thoroughly analyzed and rated each influencer. So, you're getting reliable and up-to-date info all in one place.

What is the purpose of DeFi Discord servers?

The purpose of DeFi Discord servers is as follows:

  • Communication. Server members can discuss the latest news, trends, events, and innovations in the DeFi industry as well as share ideas, experience, analytics, and thoughts regarding different aspects of the DeFi projects.
  • Education. A lot of discord servers provide educational content, interpretation of terminology, concepts, and technical aspects, to make the newbies understand how DeFi works.
  • Analysis. Community members can explore and analyze the DeFi market together and share their forecasts with each other.