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Be The First to Find New Crypto Gaming Tokens With CoinLaunch

You might be wondering how to spot a promising and full-of-potential GameFi token in the constant influx of new cryptocurrencies.

Fortunately, there is CoinLaunch, a perfect place, where you can find the best GameFi tokens with all the information needed to make a data-based investment choice. Our team of experts has compiled the ultimate gaming token list allowing you to compare the best crypto projects directly in one place. Rest assured that our information, analysis, and ratings are reliable and up to date. We employ a unique scoring system that considers 80+ token-related factors, such as associated investors, funds, team experience, token use cases, roadmap, and more.

Plunge into the world of crypto gaming with CoinLaunch!


What Is a Gaming Coin?

GameFi crypto tokens can serve as either an in-game cryptocurrency or a governance cryptocurrency. In the first case, gaming tokens may be used to buy in-game items, like characters, weapons, or other game attributes. Users earn GameFi tokens when playing, and can purchase or sell them on crypto exchanges. Also, players can get GameFi tokens as a reward for their activity. The GameFi tokens that are used for governance can also provide utility within the game.

The main advantage of GameFi crypto projects is that all digital assets related to their games will always remain in the ownership of players. Even if the game goes down, all GameFi tokens and NFTs will remain in players’ wallets and may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on CEXes or DEXes .

How to invest in crypto gaming ico early?

There are 2 recommendation from our team that can treat your FOMO:

  1. Find the token sales early: join crypto communities, read news outlets, follow crypto launchpads’ social media activity and, of course, check out CoinLaunch. We have specifically denoted a page to the upcoming ICOs, IDOs & IEOs, so you could spot token sales that are about to start.
  2. Invest in crypto presales: if you want to get the earliest access to a particular ICO or token sale, you should participate in its Presale if there is any. By the way, CoinLaunch has a full-fledged section dedicated to cryptocurrency presales.

What are the best GameFi projects of all time?

  • Currently, GuildFi (GF), Aurory (AURY), and MobileGo (MBG) have raised the most funds during their tokesale stages.
  • In terms of ROI, InpulseX (IPX), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Altura (ALU) are among the top-performing GameFi projects so far. 
  • However, if we look at the all-time high ROI, InpulseX (IPX), Axie Infinity (AXS), and The Sandbox (SAND) are the best GameFi projects at the time of writing.

Gaming ICO vs Gaming IDO. What's better?

When comparing gaming ICOs vs gaming IDOs, you need to consider fundamentals and definitions:

The ICO of the gaming tokens, as well as other types of cryptocurrency, takes place on either the website of a project or a dedicated ICO platform, like CoinList or TokenSoft. For those who want to participate in the crowdfunding process, AML/KYC verification is compulsory. Even though ICO investors get a chance to get involved in the project at its early stages, they are not protected from frauds and scams.

The IDO of the gaming tokens, as well as other types of cryptocurrency, is carried out via smart contracts on decentralized platforms, which means that you are to use your non-custodial crypto wallet and not required to pass AML/KYC verification. However, when the IDO takes place on a cryptocurrency launchpad, like DAO Maker for example, you have to verify your identity to be able to participate. Since smart contracts are utilized in the crowdfunding process, investors are less prone to be scammed.

What is the purpose of gaming crypto coins?

Primarily, gaming cryptocurrency tokens and coins are created for user incentivization and simplification of financial operations in blockchain games. They can have two purposes:  crypto that facilitates trading operations within a game (buying in-game items, NFTs, etc.) and crypto that serves as a governance token (this type of GameFi tokens can also have utility inside the game).  

Where to buy GameFi coins?

The most popular way to purchase gaming cryptos is on crypto exchanges. But should you choose DEX or CEX?

  • Decentralized crypto exchanges employ AMM systems and liquidity pools to facilitate transactions between market participants. With the use of smart contracts and no intermediaries involved in the buying/selling process, crypto traders have more control over their funds and are more secure. Any token can be listed on DEX without any compliance. What’s more, in most cases, people are not required to pass KYC identification. However, trading fees and slippage may be relatively high in this case. 
  • On the other hand, centralized crypto exchanges are based on the traditional order book system and, consequently, are more centralized. CEXes usually have more liquidity and lower fees, since lots of traders are there. Traders who value regulatory compliance, lean towards centralized crypto exchanges, since they ask for KYC verifications and provide protection for their users. CEX listing signifies passing a solid compliance check, which serves as a filter for scam and weak projects. 

What are the risks associated with an investment in crypto gaming?

Playing “play-to-earn” games usually costs money. For the majority of players, this is a real investment, so they expect to increase their savings and get a return on their investment (ROI). Like any other investment, it is fraught with risks, and no one can guarantee a positive outcome. Moreover, another investment rule also works: the higher the projected income, the greater the risk. Let's not forget about the volatility of the crypto market that may significantly affect your portfolio either positively or negatively.