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Zircuit (N/A)

Active Retrodrop 🔥
Total Raise: N/A
Date: 01 Feb - 01 Sep 2024

Zircuit is an EVM-compatible Ethereum L2 network powered by Zero-Knowledge proof technology and the Optimism infrastructure model. It offers users lower gas fees and higher transaction speeds, while being as easy to integrate as Optimism rollup-based chain networks.

The Zircuit team is highly committed to researching and developing scaling solutions for Ethereum, for which it has received multiple grants from the Ethereum Foundation and funding from top-tier funds including Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Maelstrom.

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Zircuit Overview

Ticker: N/A
Country: Canada
Founded: 2021
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: Ethereum
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: Equity
Security Audit: Yes

Zircuit Review

Zircuit is an Ethereum ZK rollup and L2 network with an AI-powered security layer at the sequencer level, which combines the best practices of infrastructure and design from both Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge scaling technologies. 

It was built by a team of highly experienced security auditors and blockchain developers who previously worked at Quantstamp. Additionally, one of the co-founders of Zircuit was a host of Ethereum Vancouver, representing the Ethereum Foundation from 2017 to 2019.

For their achievements in researching Ethereum scaling solutions and best practices, the Zircuit team won multiple grants from the Ethereum Foundation. The same researches led Zircuit L2 team to establishing revolutionary blockchain L2 infrastructure offering multiple benefits to users and developers, including:

  • Increased scalability: By implementing its unique approach to the transactions’ batches processing and being a ZK-powered L2 network, Zircuit ETH L2 offers users cheap and fast transactions within its chain. 
  • Full EVM-compatibility: Although Zircuit is a ZK L2 network, it was built on the Optimism Bedrock, an open-source development stack that powers Optimism. This enables developers to seamlessly integrate the Zircuit chain network into their dApps and allows users to pay gas fees in ETH.
  • Secure native bridge: Backed by pioneering research, the platform implemented best practices for developing native bridge infrastructure, making it both efficient and secure.
  • Additional layer of security: To extend the platform's level of security, the network integrated an additional layer of security at the sequencer level;
  • Zircuit Pre-deposits: Although Zircuit is still in the testnet phase, it has opened a Zircuit staking campaign, supporting pre-deposits on the platform and accepting LRTs from all major liquid restaking protocols. This includes Renzo’s ezETHSwell’s rswETHEtherFi’s weETH and many more. 

Read more about the network’s features in the Zircuit docs.


🪙Zircuit token: Currently, there’s no public announcement from the project’s team regarding the release of the platform’s native token, its airdrop, or the utility of this token. However, in the FAQ section of the Zircuit docs, the team hinted that a token is likely to be released and airdropped to power governance mechanisms within the network. 

Another indicator of the likely token launch and Zircuit airdrop is the active “Zircuit staking” campaign, where users earn points for pre-depositing Ethereum LRTs, supporting . We assume that these Zircuit points will be one of the major criteria for receiving the platform's governance token.

Considering this information, our team conducted comprehensive research on the project and found some major pros and cons of the project:


✅Zircuit pros:

  • Great concept and design of the product, which aligns with current “Liquid Restaking” trends;
  • An impressive TVL of over $3.4B, achieved in less than a year;
  • Zircuit hosted multiple security assessment from tier 2 auditors;
  • Top tier funds including Pantera and Dragonfly Capital invested into the project;
  • Presence of top tier partners which support the project;
  • Leadership team with work experience in tier 1 security auditor - Quantstamp;
  • Some of the team members received multiple grants from the Ethereum Foundation for their contributions to research on Ethereum scaling solutions;
  • High PR, SEO, SMM and Growth marketing performance;
  • Above the average Marketing Infrastructure score. 

❗️Zircuit cons: 

  • Lack of transparency in funding: There’s no publicly available information regarding the amount of funds raised privately;
  • Lack of transparency in the tokenomics: There’s no official tokenomics presented by team yet;
  • Below the average Influencer Marketing performance;
  • The project is still in the testnet phase, so the real network’s performance we will be able to see later. 

Zircuit Token Economy

Total Raise:
Total Supply:
Private/Pre-sale: (0%)
Public Sale: (0%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV):
Initial Circulation Supply: (0% of FDV)

Zircuit Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Private: Feb 2024 Past

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: N/A
Lock-Up: N/A
Private: Jun 2024 Past

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: N/A
Lock-Up: N/A
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Zircuit Funds and Backers

binance labs logo
Binance Labs
Score: Very High
11 numbers of
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Dragonfly Capital Logo
Dragonfly Capital
Score: Very High
10 numbers of
Read More
pantera capital logo
Pantera Capital
Score: Very High
7 numbers of
Read More
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Zircuit Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  30 May 2024 Upgrade

Zircuit Team

Krishna Sriram
Krishna Sriram
Martin Derka
Martin Derka
Angel X.
Angel X.

Zircuit News

Zircuit Roadmap


R&D Phase;

Q1-Q2 2023

Private Zircuit Testnet Launch;

November 2023

Public Zircuit Testnet Launch;

Q3-Q4 2024

Mainnet Launch.

Zircuit Airdrop & Retrodrop & Bounty

Airdrop (Retrdrop) for LRT Stakers
zircuit logo
Start Date:
24 Feb 2024
End Date:
01 Sep 2024


Zircuit is an AI-powered Ethereum rollup that combines Optimism and Zero-Knowledge technologies in its unique infrastructure. It allows users to enjoy low-cost, high-speed transactions as a ZK rollup while being fully EVM-compatible and easy to integrate for Ethereum dApp developers.

According to the Zircuit docs, the governance of the platform will be powered by the native Zircuit token. The CoinLaunch team assumes that this token will be airdropped to users who participated in the Zircuit staking campaign, which started on February 24, 2024.

Hence, we decided to prepare a comprehensive guide on how to join the Zircuit airdrop with the best ways to farm multiple airdrops through Zircuit.

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