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CoinList LogoCoinListVery HighICO PlatformsVery HighVery High
DAO Maker logoDAO MakerHighIDO PlatformsVery HighHigh
Magic Launchpad LogoMagic (Square) LaunchpadHighIDO PlatformsVery HighVery High
Binance LogoBinance LaunchpadVery HighIEO PlatformsVery HighVery High
Trust Swap LogoTrustSwapMediumIDO PlatformsHighLow
bybit logoBybit LaunchpadHighIEO PlatformsHighVery High
ChainBoost logoChainBoostMediumIDO PlatformsHighLow
Moonstarter LogoMoonStarterMediumIDO PlatformsHighLow
Tokensoft logoTokensoftMediumICO PlatformsHighVery Low
Vent Finance LogoVent FinanceMediumIDO PlatformsHighMedium
Scaleswap logoScaleswapLowIDO PlatformsHighVery Low
seedify logoSeedifyHighIDO PlatformsHighHigh
Chain GPT LogoChainGPT PadHighIDO PlatformsHighVery High
KuCoin Spotlight logoKuCoin SpotlightHighIEO PlatformsHighHigh
GameFi LogoGameFiHighIDO PlatformsHighHigh
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Find the Best Crypto Launchpad With CoinLaunch!

Are you tired of conducting the time-consuming research for the best crypto launchpad to invest in? CoinLaunch has got you covered!

Thanks to our own experience investing in and working with crypto projects, we know exactly what to look at while analyzing a crypto launchpad or any other crypto-related project. That’s why we provide you with an in-depth analysis of all top launchpads evaluating their influence, project team, vetting process, performance of tokens launched, and other important information. CoinLaunch constantly searches for hot and new launchpad crypto platforms to ensure you always get a complete picture of the market and all the data needed. 

The CoinLaunch Score developed by our experts is meant to facilitate your crypto launchpad comparison process as well as the overall overview of a platform’s potential. 

Remember, that everyone has a chance to become a successful investor. You only need a reliable data source in hand, like CoinLaunch.


What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads are platforms operating in the crypto and NFT world that help businesses collect investments for their emerging projects. Essentially, crypto launchpad platforms act as a bridge between retail investors and startups, allowing the first to invest in ICO, IDO, IEO and other crowdsale events and exposing the second ones to a wide base of potential investors. 

Besides providing a necessary infrastructure for upcoming projects to utilize, crypto launchpads also offer them technical and marketing support to ensure a token doesn’t flop during and after a sale.

How Do Crypto Launchpad Projects Become Viral?

The hype around a project that is being hosted on a launchpad majorly depends on two things:

  • the marketing performance of the project team 
  • a spotlight by a launchpad.

The first point is directly connected to the value the project brings to the world and its users. If a token has real use cases, a strong team of developers working on a product behind it, and a killing marketing strategy, the odds of getting viral are in favor of this blockchain startup.

The next big part of a token promotion lies in the hands of a crypto launchpad platform itself. Firstly, the reputation of a launchpad platform leaves a certain impression on investors. Secondly, most cryptocurrency launchpads serve as crypto incubators, meaning their activity goes beyond being just an intermediate between you and your future investors. Instead, these platforms provide marketing support for a project and give recommendations for its team to help raise brand awareness, attract more users and become listed on leading crypto exchanges.

How to Find the Best Launchpad?

The best crypto launchpad is not always the one people talk the most about. Here are four points you should analyze to form an unbiased opinion about a certain platform on your own:

  1. A track record of past token sales: this information will reveal tons of insights for you, such as a launchpad’s vetting process, technical and marketing support, the assistance with listing, etc. Take a look at all projects that have been hosted on the platform and compare the ratio of tokens with current positive and negative ROI to see how effective a launchpad is in selecting and supporting projects after a token sale event..
  2. Social influence & community: the online presence of a launchpad across the most popular social media channels tells a lot about the support a project will get during and after a token sale event. Analyze the size of the audience, review the engagement rate (ER) and other metrics to evaluate marketing potential of a platform of choice.
  3. Staking requirements: to become eligible for a token sale participation, you, in most cases, need to stake a certain amount of a crypto launchpad’s native tokens. Considering this, you should analyze the minimum amount and value of tokens required for staking, the duration of the staking period, and any associated lock-up periods to assess all the pros and cons of investing with a crypto launchpad you choose. 

Token allocation and distribution rules: every launchpad is different in terms of its token distribution mechanism, vesting schedules and lock-ups. Explore how purchased tokens are allocated between private and public investors, whether there is a chance to get a guaranteed allocation and other token distribution aspects to make a right launchpad selection.

Which Crypto Exchanges Have the Best Launchpads?

The majority of popular crypto exchanges have started their native launchpad crypto projects, including Binance, Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, and As of the current time, Cryptorank's curated list reveals that there are approximately 25 crypto launchpads that were established by crypto exchanges. Binance Launchpad is one of the most well-known and best launchpads crypto industry have seen - it hosted a few high-profile projects such as Binance Coin, WazirX, and The Sandbox. Huobi PrimelistKuCoin SpotlightOKX Jumpstart and Startup, have also joined the list of top crypto launchpads due to their diverse range of supported projects and user-friendly platforms. 

In terms of the performance of launched tokens, Binance Launchpad has the strongest track record of 94% projects with current positive ROI. In comparison, Gate io Launchpad follows suit with a respectable 56% projects yielding positive ROI, indicating a decent success rate. However, the success rates gradually decrease with OKX Launchpad at 40%, Kucoin Launchpad at 44%, and Huobi Primelist at 51% projects achieving positive ROI. 

Why Do Launchpads Crypto Release Their Own Tokens?

Crypto launchpads release their own launchpad tokens to serve as utility cryptocurrencies to support a platform’s ecosystem, control allocation and distribution of launched tokens, as well as streamline the token sale events for both projects and investors. Launchpad native tokens are an essential part of the overall staking and token allocation models. The native tokens of a launchpad that has a consistently good overall performance are a true gem for its holders, since the price of such cryptocurrencies is predicted to only grow as the platform continues to work with high ROI projects. With more investors recognising the launchpad's ability to find viable startups, demand for its native tokens increases.

What Are the Pros of Launching Tokens on a Top Launchpad in Crypto?

The use of top launchpads in crypto can significantly reduce the time and costs required to conduct a token sale. Project teams do not need to spend significant effort developing their own systems to attract external investment. In addition, they can focus on their projects, and not on the entire infrastructure for conducting a token sale.

Moreover, projects that plan to conduct a launchpad token sale may get high outreach coverage and marketing exposure using a launchpad network and resources. As a result, their marketing spend will be lower with much higher efficiency.. In addition, the partnership with launchpads will add credibility to a token project and may attract loyal investors and community members following these platforms.