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Be the first to discover new ICOs, IDOs & Other Sales with CoinLaunch!

CoinLaunch is a leading database of upcoming ICO, IDO, and IEO tokens that delivers reliable and trustworthy information and assesses all the risks related to crypto projects to provide you with the list of the best possible investment opportunities on the market.

Thanks to the crypto investing experience gained throughout operating for more than six years in the industry, our experts know how to detect the next big thing before it skyrockets. We constantly search for new crypto tokens, analyze their characteristics and potential, and then rate the ones that are worth your attention. Each project listed on the platform is carefully assessed in terms of tokenomics, roadmap, associated funds/investors, community engagement, marketing activity and then rated by our proprietary scoring system, which considers 80+ token-related factors, to provide you with unbiased opinion.

It can be challenging to master the extremely dynamic and versatile crypto realm, but with the next-level rankings and comprehensive reviews by CoinLaunch, you can easily filter all the projects and keep an eye on potentially juicy token sales before their crowdsale starts.


How to find the best upcoming ICO/IDO/IEOs early?

With so many new projects popping up all the time, it can be challenging to identify the most promising ones before they become mainstream. That's where platforms like CoinLaunch come in.

Here are a few tips on how you can leverage CoinLaunch to always spot new token sales ahead of time:

  1. Use our “Upcoming ICO/IDO/IEO Token Sales” page to find projects that are about to start a fundraising round.
  2. Take a close look at each project's CoinLaunch score. This rating system is based on a wide range of factors (>80), and can help you quickly assess a project's potential.
  3. Read reviews and analysis of each project on CoinLaunch. The platform's team of experts provide in-depth analysis of token sale, helping you better understand its strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Keep an eye on the CoinLaunch blog and social media channels. We regularly publish news and updates on the latest projects, providing you with valuable insights into the blockchain space.

With its comprehensive platform and expert analysis, CoinLaunch is the perfect tool for blockchain investors looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Is buying new ICO crypto tokens profitable?

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are a popular fundraising method for blockchain-based projects. But, it is worth noting that most crypto projects fail in the early stage.

No one exactly knows which project will skyrocket and which will fail. But, there are some key points you should evaluate before making a choice, for example:

  • A token economy and distribution model.
  • Product concept and strong fundamentals: This may include factors such as a solid development team, a clear use case, and a unique value proposition that addresses a real-world problem.
  • Project backers: VC investments, Launchpad listings and partnerships with prominent companies.
  • Marketing Exposure: Analyze social media performance, KOLs’ support, projects’ PR coverage and community engagement.

You can also use top-tier ranking platforms, like CoinLaunch, where you can find all trustworthy upcoming ICO, IDO, & IEO projects with an in-depth review. In this way, your chances to find a “gem” and make a lucrative investment will significantly increase.

How do we rate new crypto ICO, IDO & IEO sales?

CoinLaunch is a leading platform that specializes in aggregating, analyzing, and rating ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. Our unique rating system is based on over 80 factors of the emerging token analysis, including the project's team, whitepaper, roadmap, technology, community, market potential, marketing exposure etc. The platform offers a comprehensive review and analysis of each upcoming token sale, providing investors with all the necessary information to make an informed investment decision.

CoinLaunch's specifically developed score system reflects our deep expertise in blockchain technology and a thorough understanding of the crypto market. The score enables us to accurately evaluate the potential success of a token sale project, and determine whether it is worth investing in. You can rely on CoinLaunch's ratings to receive an unbiased opinion about the token and decide whether it is worth the hype or not.

Can an upcoming crypto ICO token be a scam?

Certainly! While ICO, IDO & IEO fundraising methods can provide innovative blockchain projects with the capital they need to succeed, it's crucial to be aware that scams are possible. 

Some popular token sales scams include:

  • Exit scams 
  • Pump and dump schemes 
  • Phishing scams

Exit scams involve the organizers disappearing with investors' funds, while pump and dump schemes manipulate the market to artificially inflate token prices before crashing them. 

Phishing scams use fake websites or social media accounts to trick investors into sending funds to the wrong address.

Conducting thorough research and looking for reliable information sources like CoinLaunch can help investors access the full potential of these fundraising methods while minimizing their risk.

Why are new ICO coins so popular right now?

The use of blockchain technology provides transparency and security, while the potential for high returns on investment has attracted many investors. Additionally, these fundraising methods allow companies to bypass traditional legal obstacles. 

It is worth noting that the legislation regulating the issue of tokens via ICOs has not yet been deeply worked out globally, so any individual or legal entity can issue new tokens. At the same time, there is no strict requirement for passing any audits or providing official reports, as in the case of an IPO (initial placement of a company shares), which makes this method of raising funds very attractive for IT companies.

Besides, the threshold for participating inICO is usually minimal for investors. In addition, there are projects that provide absolute anonymity for investors, that is, not only other participants of the agreement, but also the tax authorities will not know about your investment in a startup’s tokens. At the same time, there were cases when a return on such investments, due to the rapid growth of a token price, amounted to hundreds and even thousands of percent per year (Ethereum, IOTA projects).