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Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
cryptohub discord server logoCryptohub High Discord EN High
Benjamin Cowen Benjamin Cowen Very High YouTube EN High
Axion Crypto Community logoAxion Crypto-Community Very High Discord EN High
Crypto banter logoCrypto Banter Very High YouTube EN Medium
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The Best Crypto Discord List Reviewed & Ranked by CoinLaunch

Whether you are looking for crypto advice, trading signals or technical analysis tips - Discord covers all your needs and wishes. Nowadays there are thousands of crypto groups on Discord to join and get involved in. Backed by a wide experience in the crypto realm and deep knowledge of how Discord works, our experts constantly scour the Internet to find, review, and rate the best crypto Discord servers. 

By means of our proprietary rating algorithm - the CoinLaunch Score - we assess an influencer server based on >80 variables, covering the engagement rate, server structure, supported token sales and funds, connections with other crypto influencers etc.

CoinLaunch saves your time and efforts by assisting you in selecting appropriate servers to join.


What is a crypto Discord server?

A Discord crypto server is a place where people nk/communicate with each other on crypto, NFT & blockchain-related topics. The members of a server can engage in discussion through various channels within a server by means of text, voice, and video meetings. Each crypto server has a wide range of customizable settings, rules and addons, which makes Discord stand out from other social media platforms. What’s more, users can assign roles to group members, which can guarantee certain rewards and grant specific permissions and access levels on the server.

What are the pros of crypto Discord groups?

Let's take a look at what benefits cryptoсurrency Discord servers bring to the table:

1. A crypto hub: Discord has become an ultimate destination for crypto enthusiasts of different interests. The global space of Discord servers includes groups related to mining, NFT investing, Web3 games, blockchain technology, token sales, analytics and many more.

2. A wide range of real-time communication methods: Discord’s chat, voice and video features allow the members of the server to connect and share thoughts instantly and conveniently. 

3. Education platform:  Whether you are a newbie or an intermediate participant of the crypto realm, there are dozens of Discord educational servers that provide the fundamental knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency, trading advice, insight and tips to choose from.

4. Various customization options: server owners and administrators are given an opportunity to add a unique touch to their server and communication. Discord provides options to customize the appearance of a server, moderate voice and video settings as well as configure roles and permissions.

5. Multiple integrations with other platforms: Being a platform initially created for gamers, Discord servers can be integrated with a wide range of popular apps, including YouTube, Patreon, Zapier, and Twitch. There is now even integration with Metamask. Thanks to this peculiarity, Discord users don’t have to continuously switch tabs and apps to gather and process the information.

What are crypto signals Discord servers for?

Crypto signal Discord servers provide their members with hints and recommendations for opening/closing trades on the cryptocurrency market from traders with a certain professional background and reputation. Unlike analytical reviews and crypto trading ideas, a signal is a precise guide on how and when to open and close positions or place a sell or buy orders with a mention of a precise time frame and recommended price points.

Are Discord crypto pump groups legal?

In theory, Crypto pump Discord groups are considered illegal and fraudulent, but since the cryptocurrency space is majorly unregulated in most jurisdictions, there are no laws related to the malicious activity of these kinds of groups. Essentially, scammers create artificial demand for unpopular and low-liquid tokens with low market capitalization by engaging their communities. After the artificial drastic price increase, the crypto pump Discord server owners and their inner circle sell tokens for a price that is much higher than the initial buying price, thereby making a profit. In this way, scammers make money on the losses of other investors who purchased an asset after them. 

What is the most active Discord crypto server?

It is hard to choose a Discord server with the highest engagement rate, since the numbers are changing constantly from one group to another. However, there is one group that stands out as one of the most active ones - the AXION Crypto-Community Discord. This server is the ultimate source for everything related to cryptocurrency investment and trading signals. This Discord crypto server is great for newbies to the crypto world as it offers many tutorials and guides to help you get started. The server also has an active and helpful community of more experienced traders who are always willing to share their knowledge.

Where can I find a great cryptocurrency Discord server?

  • One of the easiest ways to search for decent crypto servers is by typing relevant keywords and hashtags right in the search window on the Discord platform. 
  • Another approach is to conduct a Google search, which will provide you with multiple data sources, but this can be time-consuming and less convenient.
  • The most efficient and time preserving method is to check reliable crypto ranking platforms, like CoinLaunch, where you can find a complete list of cryptocurrency Discord servers with in-depth analysis attached. Our comprehensive analytical service has thoroughly evaluated and rated each Discord group, along with their performance, to provide you with the most holistic overview of the best cryptocurrency groups and servers in the industry.