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Wormhole LogoWormhole 01 Mar 07 Feb Blockchain Service
zksync logozkSync 23 Sep 01 Apr Blockchain Infrastructure
FalconX logoFalconX 01 Mar 22 Jun CeFi
LayerZero LogoLayerZero 01 Nov 01 Feb Blockchain Infrastructure
Starknet logoStarknet 09 Apr 01 Dec Blockchain Infrastructure
5ire logo5ire 28 Oct 05 Dec Blockchain Infrastructure $221,874,000
quicknode logoQuickNode 27 May 27 Oct Blockchain Service
Scroll Network LogoScroll Network 21 Apr 01 Aug Blockchain Infrastructure
Eigenlayer logoEigenLayer 28 Feb 01 Oct Blockchain Infrastructure
Celestia LogoCelestia TBA 14 Nov Blockchain Infrastructure
bybit logo
Partisia Blockchain LogoPartisia Blockchain 01 Nov 20 May Blockchain Infrastructure
Trust Swap Logo
polyhedra network logoPolyhedra Network 21 Feb 19 Mar Blockchain Infrastructure
OKX Startups logo
Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) logoMoca Foundation (Mocaverse) 10 Sep 02 May Blockchain Infrastructure
ThetanutsFinance ProfileThetanuts Finance 28 Feb 21 May DeFi
bybit logo
Portal Coin logoPortal 15 Dec 29 Feb GameFi
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Stay Tuned for The Latest Whitelist & Presale Crypto Opportunities With CoinLaunch

Сrypto pre-sales have been a popular way for projects to raise funds before the main token sale events. One of the key benefits of participating in crypto pre-sales and whitelists is an opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor of promising new crypto projects before they are available to the public.

However, it's important to note that presales typically have minimum investment requirements and may be restricted to a limited number of investors, making them an exclusive opportunity for those who can meet the criteria.

CoinLaunch is one of the greatest crypto aggregators that allow investors to stay on top of the latest pre-sales and token sales with current or upcoming whitelist registrations. Our specifically developed rating system – CoinLaunch Score, which considers more than 80 factors related to an emerging token, helps users evaluate each project's potential and assess their risk level.

Follow upcoming, ongoing, and past token sales, evaluate various crypto offerings, and study our comprehensive projects’ reviews on one single platform!


What is a Token Presale?

Presale is a sale of tokens even before the start of the official ICO, IDO, or IEO. It may be considered as a separate, special token sale round. At the presale stage, an insignificant amount of funds is attracted from a pre-selected group of investors compared to the amount planned for the main token sale events. Pre-Sale usually starts from 4 to 9 weeks before the start of the main rounds.

Not all projects at the start have a budget for the development and promotion of ICO, IDO, or IEO. So often the money raised at the Presale rounds are used for marketing, infrastructure preparation, and launching a token. For a project team, this is a way to raise money and a great training ground before the main stage. Thanks to the Presale, the team gets the opportunity to build a core community, get earlybird users for their product, debug all processes, identify and correct errors, see and evaluate the audience's interest in their project, and adjust marketing.

What is Whitelist in Crypto?

A whitelist in cryptocurrency is a specific list of selected users (whitelist) admitted to a target action at an early stage, which can be:

  1. Providing a guaranteed allocation to a project token sale (the ability to buy tokens among the first at a certain price and for a certain amount). It is a whitelist with the redemption of tokens.
  2. Providing an airdrop of a project’s tokens (free distribution of tokens). It is a whitelist without redemption of tokens.
  3. Providing access to other activities such as ambassador programs, testnets, exclusive features etc.

Crypto Whitelist vs Presale

While a crypto whitelist and presale share similarities in that they both involve purchasing tokens prior to the main sale, they differ in terms of how the process is conducted. A crypto whitelist functions as a valuable tool for project teams to gather individuals who express their interest in becoming early investors. The whitelist is used to carefully filter and evaluate these individuals, creating a final list of approved participants who are granted the exclusive opportunity to purchase tokens before the main sale takes place. On the other hand, a presale refers to a specific round or process where investors have the opportunity to purchase tokens at a discounted price and with predetermined allocation limits.

The key difference between these two terms is that a whitelist consists of a clearly defined quantity of only verified investors, while a presale is accessible by all investors that meet the requirements of the token sale. It is worth noting that whitelist is a more secure and regulated way to buy tokens early, yet more complex to join.

Whitelist and presale are not mandatory rounds of a token sale. So there may be one or even none of them before a public sale.

What Happens After an ICO Presale?

A token presale is a fundraising event that takes place before the actual ICO, IDO or IEO events. Token presales can happen before public or private sale rounds. These rounds allow investors to buy tokens at a discounted price before they become available for a larger base of institutional and retail investors. Cryptocurrency presales are typically conducted to attract early investors and raise funds for the development and launch of a project prior to the private and public token sale rounds. Additionally, project developers may organize public and private presale events to generate more buzz around a token before it goes public.

One of the main advantages of participating in pre-ICO, IDO or IEO token sale rounds is the opportunity to buy tokens at a lower price than what they will be offered at cryptocurrency rounds that will come after. Even if a project performs worse than expected, presale investors will be the ones that will get the most profit.

How to Buy New Crypto Before Listing?

Buying a cryptocurrency before the listing is possible on cryptocurrency launchpads, platforms that host ICO, IDO, IEO token sales. Sometimes, a presale takes place on its developer's website. However, this situation is less common due to scammers exploiting the limited protection of investors’ funds.

Crypto launchpads are every investor’s go-to choice when it comes to acquiring cryptocurrencies before they are listed on a crypto exchange. To participate in a token sale event, you have to meet specific criteria that vary depending on a crypto launchpad of choice. Note that it is not so easy to receive a share of tokens at their lowest prices. Some crypto launchpads offer guaranteed allocations (number of tokens you can buy), while others employ a randomized system for token distribution.

In the past, exclusive privileges to participate in token sale events were solely granted to institutional investors, active community members or early adopters. However, the current landscape has evolved, and now retail investors have also been given the opportunity to take part in these events. To increase your chances of spotting crypto presales ahead of time, start following CoinLaunch on a daily basis to always receive updates and comprehensive analysis on all upcoming token offerings.

Where to Find The Most Up-to-date Crypto Presale List?

If you're looking for the most up-to-date crypto presale list, there are a few different resources you can use:

  • One popular option is to browse crypto forums and social media groups where projects are actively promoting their presales. 
  • You can also check out specialized websites that gather and curate crypto presale information. One such platform is CoinLaunch, which specializes in collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and rating crypto presales. Our service offers comprehensive lists of upcoming and ongoing presales & whitelists, as well as detailed review and information about each project, such as its marketing activity, social media links, associated funds, influencers, investors and more.