Fund Score Type Tier Project Support Social Influence
Kraken Ventures logoKraken Ventures N/A Venture 2 N/A
KuCoin Ventures logoKuCoin Ventures N/A Venture 2 N/A
LD Capital LogoLD Capital Medium Venture 2 Very High
lightspeed venture partners logoLightspeed Venture Partners Very High Venture 2 Very High
Maven 11 CapitalMaven 11 Capital N/A Venture 2 N/A
Mirana Ventures logoMirana Ventures N/A Venture 2 N/A
Morningstar VenturesMorningstar Ventures High Venture 2 High
Nascent LogoNascent N/A Venture 2 N/A
NGC Ventures logoNGC Ventures Medium Venture 2 High
PapaFi Capital logoParaFi Capital N/A Venture 2 N/A
PetRock Capital logoPetRock Capital N/A Venture 2 N/A
Polygon Ventures logoPolygon Ventures N/A Venture 2 N/A
Redpoint logoRedpoint Ventures N/A Venture 2 N/A
RockawayX logoRockawayX High Venture 2 Very High
ryze labs logoRyze Labs (Sino Global Capital) N/A Venture 2 N/A
46-60 from 296
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Discover the Best Blockchain Venture Capital Funds With CoinLaunch!

In recent years, venture capital investors have been enthusiastically pouring substantial sums of money in the cryptocurrency space to back up promising Web3 startups and support the growth of blockchain technology. Beyond funding, crypto venture capitalists provide strategic pieces of advice and access to their large networks of partners and high-net individuals, which is extremely crucial for every early-stage project.

CoinLaunch is an all-in-one crypto service that rates all new and top crypto VCs operating in the blockchain industry. Having extensive experience in marketing, crypto investment, networking, as well as the development of blockchain-based products, our experts know how to properly research, analyze and assess cryptocurrency VC funds. Thanks to our specially developed rating system - CoinLaunch Score - that consists of >80 variables, including a fund’s ROI, number of investments, association with frauds, management team and other factors that define the influence and credibility of a crypto venture capital firm.

CoinLaunch provides you with valuable insights and analytics on crypto VC funds’ activity to help you find a potentially good investment opportunity and predict future market events.


What Is a Venture Capital Crypto Fund?

Blockchain venture capital firms are investment organizations with a specific focus on startups that deal with the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, smart contracts, DApps, etc. In comparison to traditional venture capital funds, crypto VCs do not usually purchase a company’s equity or stocks. Instead, they receive a share of a project’s native cryptocurrency (tokens) that is supposed to bring significant gains to its holders over time.  

Venture investments in blockchain projects are typically considered long-term, with a payback period that often spans 7-10 years or even longer in certain cases when the development stage of a crypto project is delayed. An average amount of investment depends on a stage of a company's life cycle. The size of funding received from a crypto VC fund  during private and seed investment rounds typically ranges from $100,000 to ~$4 million.

How Do Crypto VC Funds Work?

Usually, blockchain venture capital firms kick off their journey as a community of sophisticated and aspiring investors or they come from the traditional VC industry. Then they start engaging other high-net individuals into their pool of investors to increase their AUM and expand investment capabilities. As a rule, every crypto VC firm has a dedicated management team that researches and analyzes the market, reaches out to different projects, reviews numerous crypto projects and decides on when, where, and how much to invest. To manage risks, VC firms diversify their investments across various blockchain sectors and products.

How Do We Rate Crypto VCs?

To rate new and top crypto VC firms we use a CoinLaunch Score – our special rating system that consists of >80 variables, related to a fund’s performance, investment rounds, management team background, industry coverage, influence and other information. By incorporating a mathematical formula to the analysis of statistical data and official information on each investment fund, we provide the most unbiased and holistic assessment of both well-established and new crypto venture capitalists.

Is Crypto VC Fund Legal?

Yes, crypto VC funds are legal, provided that they comply with the relevant regulations and laws governing investment and securities in their region. In most jurisdictions, crypto VC funds are subject to the same regulations and requirements as traditional VC funds. This variety may include such rules as registering with the relevant regulatory bodies, disclosing information to investors, and complying with AML and KYC requirements. However, the regulatory landscape for crypto funds is still evolving, and the specific regulations and requirements vary by jurisdiction. Therefore, it is important for crypto VC funds to seek legal advice and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and laws in their jurisdiction of operation.

What Startups Do Blockchain VC Firms Invest In?

Blockchain venture capital firms invest money in different blockchain and crypto business sectors, including TradeFi, DeFi, CeFi, NFT, GameFi, Blockchain infrastructure and so forth. Cryptocurrency VC firms thoroughly review crypto projects that were researched by their investment teams or pitched by projects themselves. After a careful examination of all investment opportunities, blockchain venture capital firms make strategic investments in projects with the highest potential for long-term success.

Where Do Blockchain Venture Capital Firms Get Money?

The economy of a venture fund is made up of contributions of individual partners (also known as Limited Partners), the founders of a fund, and returns from investing in various crypto startups. Some cryptocurrency VC firms may have backing from larger institutional entities, such as banks, financial institutions, or corporate investment arms. Along with the previously mentioned sources of funding, blockchain venture capital firms can also raise money from renowned investors and institutions based in prominent hubs like Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and London, as well as partner with well-established companies and organizations like Google, Meta, Airbnb, the Ford Foundation, and so forth.