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Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
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Travladd CryptoTravladd CryptoLowTwitterENLow
Arthur HayesArthur HayesHighTwitterENHigh
Crypto ZombieCrypto ZombieHighYouTubeENHigh
Daan Crypto TradesDaan Crypto TradesLowTwitterENMedium
Jimmy Song (송재준)Jimmy Song (송재준)LowTwitterENLow
Crypto TonyCrypto TonyVery LowTwitterENMedium
Bull.BnBBull.BnBVery LowTwitterENMedium
DogeDesignerDogeDesignerVery LowTwitterENVery High
Ryan SelkisRyan SelkisMediumTwitterENMedium
colin wu blockchainWu Blockchain (Colin Wu)MediumTwitterENVery Low
ElizEliZ¥Very LowTwitterENMedium
Joseph LubinJoseph LubinN/ATwitterENN/A
Sandeep Nailwal Photo Sandeep Nailwal (Sandeep AggLayer. polygon)MediumTwitterENLow
61-75 from 170
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Twitter Crypto Influencers List - Reviewed & Ranked by CoinLaunch

CoinLaunch - is one of the premier crypto aggregators that analyzes and rates the best blockchain Twitter influencers and opinion leaders. Based on our broad industry experience, we’ve developed a proprietary rating system that includes >80 variables including influencer’s follow count, content quality, supported projects, engagement rate, associated funds, influential partners, and so on, so that you could instantly get an overall summary of each account.

Whether you want to collaborate with some public figure or just find a reputable account to refer to, it is crucial to ensure these influencers are trustworthy and meet your expectations and quality standards. Explore our all-in-one crypto influencer database and find the best-in-class Twitter thought leaders! 


How to find crypto influencers' Twitter accounts?

If earlier you had to scour dozens of articles and search Twitter hashtags to find who to follow on Twitter for crypto insights, now you only have to visit one comprehensive ranking platform - CoinLaunch. It’s a place where you will find already analyzed influencer profiles, each with its unique rating and in-depth review. CoinLaunch presents a convenient way for crypto enthusiasts to search and review various Twitter influencers without spending a lot of time and effort on the manual analysis.

How do we pick the best crypto Twitter influencers?

To identify the top crypto Twitter influencers, we use a specially developed algorithm that contains more than 80 variables related to the activity of a public figure. We have added each Twitter account to our list only after a thorough check of engagement rate, the value of content, their network, associated funds, partners and other important factors.

Why is the cryptocurrency Twitter community so big?

The reason behind the rapid appreciation of Twitter by the global community of crypto enthusiasts is the open nature of the platform, convenient communication flow and ease of use. The platform made it possible for every Twitter user to instantly share their thoughts, tag famous people, and actively participate in the discussions with them and other enthusiasts. By using Twitter, any crypto enthusiast always feels involved in the recent trends, which is extremely important for crypto traders and investors, and free when expressing their opinions.

What kind of information do crypto influencers on Twitter provide?

The content Crypto Twitter accounts share differs from one influencer to another: some people blog about news; some share insights, memes, and their reaction to crypto trends; some crypto bloggers give advice on trading and hot investment opportunities. There are tons of crypto influencers in each category and not all of the accounts are worth following. You should diligently research each crypto influencer before trusting their information or financial pieces of advice.

Who is the most followed crypto Twitter influencer?

Changpeng Zhao, always referred to as CZ, is a founder of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges Binance. As an influencer on Twitter, he regularly tweets about news and updates regarding the Binance ecosystem. Also, CZ likes to share his thoughts on various crypto issues and engage with people in the comment section. Currently, his Twitter account is followed by 8.5 million people.

Vitalik Buterin is the second most beloved crypto influencer in the field. At the time of writing, he is followed by 4.8 million people on Twitter. Vitalic has founded the Ethereum network, so if you are searching for any updates and insights on blockchain technology, his platform and native cryptocurrency ETH, his Twitter account is your #1 destination.

How do top crypto influencers on Twitter impact the crypto market?

Influencers and opinion leaders are always a driving force for any trend on any market or industry. Millions of people that are passionate about cryptocurrency count on influencers’ tweets when making investment decisions. Influential public figures can either bring down the cryptocurrency and altcoins or send it to new heights by just talking about them on their social media. One tweet can set the trend for days or even weeks ahead. For example, Elon Musk’s case with Doge coin is the first example that comes to mind.