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The Supercharged Staking & Synthetic Dollar Protocol!
001K001k.TradeMediumTelegramRU, ENVery High
a01k logoa01k.CryptoMediumTelegramRUHigh
Axion Crypto Community logoAxion Crypto-CommunityVery HighDiscordENHigh
Ben Armstrong  Bitboy_CryptoBen Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto)MediumYouTubeENMedium
bitcoin industry logoBitcoin IndustryHighTelegramENHigh
The Moon LogoCarl From the Moon (Carl Runefelt)Very HighYouTubeENMedium
ChuckyChucky ジVery LowTwitterENLow
CoinLaunch X(twitter)CoinLaunchMediumTwitterENMedium
crypto judy newsCrypto JudyLowTelegramKRMedium
Crypto Miami logoCrypto Miami 🌴🚀Very LowTelegramENVery High
Crypto TonyCrypto TonyVery LowTwitterENMedium
Crypto Whale PumpsCrypto Whale PumpsLowTelegramENMedium
Crypto WireCrypto WireMediumYouTubeENHigh
CryptoDiffer LogoCryptoDifferHighTelegramENMedium
DoubleTopHighTelegramEN, UA, RUHigh
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All Professionally Reviewed Token Sale Influencers in One Place!

Token sales are on the rise, and the market is constantly witnessing the emergence of new and innovative forms of fundraising. However, in this rapidly evolving landscape, identifying truly valuable projects for early investment can be exhausting and unrewarding activity. Also, at this stage, it’s very important to select and validate all informational sources and Key Opinion Leaders’ supporting certain projects. This is where CoinLaunch steps in!

The platform serves as a comprehensive database of all new and hot token sale channels, groups and accounts. Here we find, review and deeply analyze each influencer from our list to present you with really valuable information and insights. Our unique rating system, CoinLaunch Score, evaluates KOLs based on >80 factors, including the ER, account performance, audience, content, projects promoted and association with scam projects.

Discover the best token sale social media accounts here, on CoinLaunch!


How do we rate crypto ICO Telegram Groups?

CoinLaunch is a top platform that gathers and rates influencers reviewing and posting about ICOs, IDOs, IEOs, and other crypto events. We analyze more than 80 different factors, like the number and nature of followers and the quality of content, to rank token sale influencers. Our goal is to give users a complete understanding of each influencer so they can make well-informed choices.

Our unique scoring system demonstrates our in-depth knowledge of blockchain and the crypto world. This score helps us figure out how good an influencer is. By relying on CoinLaunch's ratings, you can get a clear and impartial view of each influencer and decide whether they're worth paying attention to.

How to find the best crypto ICO news channels to follow?

If you're seeking information about crypto ICO news channels, there are several options available to you.

One popular approach is to explore crypto forums and social media communities where members actively share their preferred sources.

You can also visit dedicated websites that compile and organize crypto news channels. An example of such a platform is CoinLaunch, which specializes in gathering, grouping, evaluating, and ranking crypto channels. Our platform provides comprehensive lists of crypto ICO, IDO, IEO, and other token sale influencers. Furthermore, we offer detailed assessments and information about each influencer. This includes details about their follower count, content quality, endorsed projects, engagement rate, affiliations with funds, significant partnerships, and more.

What is an ICO news crypto channel?

An ICO news crypto channel is a platform or source of information that focuses on providing news and updates related to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. 

An ICO news crypto channel typically offers content such as:

Announcements: Information about upcoming ICOs, including details about the project, the team behind it, the technology, and the fundraising goals.

Reviews and Analysis: In-depth analysis and reviews of ongoing and upcoming ICOs, evaluating factors such as the project's whitepaper, roadmap, team credibility, and market potential.

Risks and Tips: Information about potential risks associated with investing in ICOs and tips for investors to make informed decisions.

Events and Conferences: Updates about events, conferences, and webinars related to ICOs and the broader cryptocurrency industry.

How to choose the best Telegram ICO groups for you?

Choosing the best Telegram ICO groups requires careful consideration and research to ensure you join communities that provide valuable and accurate information. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right ICO groups on Telegram:

  1. Research and Verify:

Start by searching for ICO groups on Telegram. Look for groups that have a significant number of members and active discussions. Verify the legitimacy of the group by checking if it's official (endorsed by the founders or ICO project) or well-known within the crypto community.

2. Check Admins and Moderators:

Look at the list of administrators and moderators in the group. Reputable groups often have active admins who manage discussions, answer questions, and enforce rules. Avoid groups with no or few active moderators.

3. Engagement and Activity:

Observe the level of engagement within the group. Active discussions, valuable insights, and relevant information are signs of a healthy community. Avoid groups with low activity or spammy content.

4. Quality of Discussion:

Analyze the quality of discussions. Valuable ICO groups often have members discussing a project's technology, roadmap, team, and market potential. Avoid groups filled with exaggerated claims or empty hype.

5. Professionalism and Respectful Environment:

Choose groups where members engage respectfully and professionally. Avoid groups with excessive trolling, abusive behavior, or irrelevant discussions.

Remember that even within reputable groups, it's important to do your own research and approach investment decisions cautiously. Always exercise critical thinking and verify information independently before making any decisions.