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cryptohub discord server logoCryptohubHighDiscordENHigh
Axion Crypto Community logoAxion Crypto-CommunityVery HighDiscordENHigh
crypto signals logoCrypto SignalsMediumTelegramENVery Low
001K001k.TradeMediumTelegramRU, ENVery High
DoubleTopHighTelegramEN, UA, RUHigh
Crypto Whale PumpsCrypto Whale PumpsLowTelegramENMedium
Crypto Falcon LogoCrypto FalconLowTelegramRUVery High
crypto arbitrage telegram groupCrypto Arbitrage TradingVery LowTelegramENVery Low
Wall Street Queen logoWallstreet Queen OfficialMediumTelegramENLow
We win againTrade with tonyVery LowTelegramENVery Low
Crypto SmithCrypto SmithN/ATikTokENN/A
Crypto Mason TikTok logoCrypto MasonMediumTikTokENN/A
Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Very LowTwitterENHigh
DefiMoonDefiMoonVery LowTwitterENVery Low
PRIMEPRIME 𝕏Very LowTwitterTRMedium
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Top Crypto Traders Reviewed And Ranked by CoinLaunch

Among a spectrum of crypto profit-making activities, trading holds a leading position due to its high potential for making relatively quick profits and the ability to leverage various strategies. 

CoinLaunch finds, investigates and rates all existing influencers, groups and channels that are focused on trading cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to present you with a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, review list of the best crypto traders to follow, so you could get a professional outlook on the channels and groups and save your time on performing due diligence by yourself. With over 7 years of experience in founding, promoting and advising blockchain-based ventures, our team members have obtained a deep understanding of what distinguishes great opinion leaders from the rest. That’s why we came up with a special rating system – CoinLaunch Score – that incorporates 80+ factors in its formula. 

Get a holistic overview of top crypto traders on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Discord and TikTok here, on CoinLaunch!


What is a crypto trading Telegram group?

A crypto trading Telegram group - is a Telegram chat, discussions in which focus on crypto asset chart analysis, crypto trading tools, exchanges, trading advice, and other aspects related to crypto trading. Group members discuss actual market trends and spread their strategies, opinions on market developments, and forecasts on price changes of different cryptocurrencies. Some groups imply the presence of experts and analysts who provide group members with trading recommendations, guidance and signals. In most cases, access to these groups are obtained through paid subscription. However, you should be careful with recommendations from unverified persons as they can be manipulating or inaccurate.

What are Telegram crypto trading groups for?

Cryptocurrency trading Telegram groups are used for sharing information, ideas, strategies, and analysis related to crypto trading. They can be useful for investors with different levels of experience and knowledge. The main reasons why crypto trading groups are so popular and why people join them are getting trading hints and direct and clear trading signals. The secondary benefits are the opportunity to get a piece of advice and feeling a sense of unity. But you should be critical of and careful of all the information consumed. Don’t put your funds at risk based on tips from unverified persons.

How to find Telegram channels for crypto trading?

If you want to find a Telegram channel for crypto trading, you should basically use the search bar on Telegram. You can also do research on Google using related keywords, like “Telegram channels for crypto trading”, “Telegram crypto trading channels”, and so on.

Engage in crypto conversations and discussions in various crypto-related Telegram or Discord groups, but don’t forget about speculations and scams. If you hear about a trading group, which promises almost 100% ROI in a few days - it is 100% a scam. 

Rather than evaluating crypto Telegram trading channels on your own, we recommend you rely on a reputable analytic platform - CoinLaunch, where all Telegram channels for crypto trading are presented in the form of a comprehensive, filtered list with an in-depth analysis of each channel, its content, marketing exposure, and more.

How do we rate crypto traders on Twitter?

The CoinLaunch rating system is a proprietary algorithm that takes into account more than 80 factors related to a trader’s experience, audience engagement rate, reviews, number of followers, quality of content, network, posting frequency, etc.

The algorithm has been developed by a team of experienced blockchain marketing professionals and investors, and has been thoroughly refined to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable ratings. The system is continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in the blockchain industry, market trends, and regulatory changes. We do the hard work to ensure that the ratings remain relevant and useful.

What are the best crypto traders on Twitter?

While the crypto trader community is extensive, a select few stand out as the top crypto traders on Twitter. Here are three names that truly shine:

  1. Scott Melker. Scott Melker, also known as "The Wolf of All Streets," is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He is a cryptocurrency trader, analyst, and influencer who shares his insights and expertise on Twitter, “The Wolf Of All Streets” podcast, and “The Wolf Den” newsletter. His Twitter account has over 910k followers. 
  2. Crypto RandCrypto Rand, whose real name is Rand Neyman, is an experienced cryptocurrency analyst, trader, and influencer. With a follower count exceeding 300k enthusiasts, he is known for sharing insights, technical analysis, and commentary on various cryptocurrencies and the broader blockchain industry.
  3. Luke Martin@VentureCoinist, also known as Luke Martin, is a dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader who boasts an impressive following of over 325k followers. Luke is a strong advocate for automated trading and relies on his “coinistbot” to shape his trading strategies and philosophy.

TOP 3 best crypto trading YouTube channels

YouTube, much like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, has emerged as a favored platform for crypto traders to share their expertise and insights, as well as for crypto enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge about cryptocurrency trading. Below, we highlight some of the top crypto traders on YouTube:

  1. Crypto Banter: With an impressive 648k subscribers, Crypto Banter has gained recognition for its informative and engaging content centered around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The channel features live streams, interviews with experts, market analysis, and discussions on various crypto topics.
  2. Benjamin Cowen: Benjamin Cowen, a PhD holder in Engineering with a strong background in Computational Mathematics and Programming, has established a YouTube channel "Into The Cryptoverse" in June 2019. With a focus on long-term mathematical analysis and quantitative strategies, Benjamin's channel helps viewers comprehend macro-level movements in the cryptocurrency markets and construct portfolios aligned with their risk-reward objectives. In addition to his YouTube endeavors, he is also the creator of the Deflationary Coins Telegram group, dedicated to identifying and promoting legitimate cryptocurrencies designed with deflationary mechanisms. The total count of YouTube subscribers – 787k.
  3. Sheldon EvansSheldon Evans is a prominent YouTube influencer, educator and entrepreneur in the realm of personal finance and investment. With a passion for simplifying complex financial concepts, he empowers a vast audience on his channel to attain financial independence. Sheldon's engaging teaching style, backed by practical advice and his own experiences, has garnered him a devoted following. He covers a range of both crypto and traditional market related topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and passive income generation. Beyond YouTube, Sheldon maintains an active online presence via his website, offering valuable resources to support his audience on their financial journeys. His YouTube channel boasts an impressive 713k subscribers.