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Find the Best Blockchain Infrastructure Crypto Projects With CoinLaunch!

You might be wondering how to find trustworthy infrastructure crypto coins to invest in without mining and analyzing a huge amount of data related to its tokenomics, product, team, marketing exposure, KOLs and investors among multiple sources. We have already done it for you!  . 

CoinLaunch has gathered the most crucial data about the blockchain infrastructure sector and offers you an all-in-one list of the best crypto infrastructure coins with in-depth analysis, review and a rating (CoinLaunch Score). Plunge into the world of crypto investments with CoinLaunch!


What is the purpose of cryptocurrency infrastructure tokens?

Cryptocurrency infrastructure tokens are created to facilitate operations within a certain blockchain ecosystem. Usually, a blockchain infrastructure project creates and supports a completely new Layer 1 blockchain network, like Ethereum, Polkadot or Solana, Layer 2 blockchain network, such as Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum or Optimism, or various system components and protocols or to carry out the functions on different blockchains by means of dApps. Crypto infrastructure tokens can also be called utility tokens or governance tokens for such ecosystems or dApps.

How to invest in blockchain infrastructure projects safely?

Primarily, a crypto investor should perform a precise research and analysis (due diligence) of a project. There are a few common due diligence steps for crypto enthusiasts to make before investing in a token of interest:

  1. Product. Studying the whiteraper and project’s roadmap will help you understand its overall concept and team vision, as well as its product uniqueness, usefulness, and viability.
  2. Team. It is necessary to carefully investigate individual members of a project team and their background. It is a great sign if team members have already been involved in crypto projects or similar projects in the traditional industries. Also, a project founder should have some crypto industry experience and excellent reputation.
  3. Community. Explore a project’s community. A wide, active and loyal community is very important for a token project that is starting its crowdfunding process. A community will be a driving force in marketing and will form a core of initial buying power for a token when it’s listed on a crypto exchange. Also, It is important to analyze how many REAL people support the project, how a project’s team engages with existing investors, how a team responds to various issues, and how quickly it reacts in force majeure situations.

Tokenomics. It is necessary to find out how many coins are issued, how many coins are allocated to the founders of a project, what is a vesting schedule, whether there is a buyback of coins, what is the capitalization of the coin, etc. Another indicator of good tokenomics is the presence of reliable partners and large (Tier 1 & 2) investors in the project.

What is blockchain infrastructure?

Blockchain infrastructure is an underlying mechanism that supports the uninterrupted work of blockchain networks. It comprises blockchain protocols, nodes, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, tokenomics, etc. Essentially, blockchain infrastructure companies provide softwares, build/implement various features, and maintain networks to ensure the proper work of the blockchain. 

How to pick the best infrastructure cryptocurrencies?

As with any other cryptocurrency investment, you should conduct a thorough research of the project and its token before investing any money in it. The areas you should investigate include:

  • Credential of team members, their experience in the industry; 
  • Token distribution model, whitepaper, roadmap, use cases; 
  • A project’s audience, exposure on media outlets and social media channels, engagement rate, an overall project’s online presence and virality;
  • Funds and partners that support a project;
  • Influencers that promote a project. 

And the list goes on. It takes a lot of time and effort to evaluate one crypto project properly, not to mention what it takes to investigate a few tokens. Fortunately, there are crypto analytical services like CoinLaunch that conduct a complete analysis of crypto ICOs, IDOs and IEOs for you and present them in one single ultimate ranking list. What’s more, every project listed on the platform has its own CoinLaunch Score - a rating that is based on >80 token-related analysis factors and is meant to provide a holistic overview of the asset.