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Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
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CZ BinanceChangpeng Zhao (赵长鹏)Very HighTwitterENVery High
NavalNaval (Naval Ravikant)Very HighTwitterENVery High
il Capo Of Cryptoil Capo Of CryptoLowTwitterENVery High
defi decentralized finance logoDeFi DECENTRALIZED FINANCEMediumTelegramENVery High
Crypto Falcon LogoCrypto FalconLowTelegramRUVery High
Jack DorseyJack DorseyVery HighTwitterENVery High
Crypto Daku logoCrypto DakuMediumTelegramENVery High
DogeDesignerDogeDesignerVery LowTwitterENVery High
 Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth)Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth)Very HighTwitterENVery High
Marc AndreessenMarc AndreessenMediumTwitterENVery High
Barry SilbertBarry SilbertHighTwitterENVery High
Layah HeilpernLayah HeilpernMediumTwitterENVery High
Crypto Miami logoCrypto Miami 🌴🚀Very LowTelegramENVery High
001K001k.TradeMediumTelegramRU, ENVery High
NFT ERA logoNFT ERAMediumTelegramENVery High
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Find The Best Crypto Blogs and Influencers across Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok & Discord

Cryptocurrency influencers and KOLs are often seen as thought leaders in the industry - their opinions are highly valued by their followers and other members of the blockchain community.

We also recognize the scale of their power over investor decision making. Also, currently, there is no complete and aggregated data base of professionally analyzed crypto influencers on the web. For that reason, we decided to gather top crypto, NFT and DeFi influencers from around the Internet space to diligently review and evaluate them using our proprietary rating system - CoinLaunch Score.

We provide an in-depth analysis of every blockchain influencer, reviewing their social media presence, audience, connection to any scam crypto promotions, supported projects and associated funds. Eventually, any crypto investor, trader or business may use our rating, data and findings to make an informed decision on cooperation with an influencer or joining a project supported by some KOLs. 


What is an NFT influencer?

An NFT influencer or cryptocurrency expert is an artist, collector, or investor who is respected in the NFT community and has a follower base. NFT influencers share their market opinions, experience, knowledge and insights with followers on various social media, like Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube. People rely on NFT influencers for assistance and guidance in the world of digital art. NFT crypto experts provide great value for different blockchain-based ventures by promoting them across a loyal follower base. 

What topics are discussed in cryptocurrency blogs?

Crypto blogs are extremely popular today due to the rapid development of the crypto world. With so many people becoming crypto and bitcoin experts, everyone strives to be diverse from others by means of original image, tone of voice and content. Let's see what interesting topics are covered by crypto gurus, that penetrate both hearts and minds of millions of people:

  1. News and insights
  2. Trading tips and guides
  3. Investment advice and education
  4. Security and transparency
  5. Decentralized Applications (DeFi) 
  6. NFT & Art
  7. Reviews of exchanges and apps

How to find a trustworthy crypto influencer?

With so many cryptocurrency influencers and experts in the blockchain field, it is challenging to find reliable and trustworthy ones to follow. Here we made a cheat sheet of tips on how to identify reputable cryptocurrency bloggers:

  1. Analyze a number of views of an influencer’s posts during the year. Compare the numbers of comments and likes (and other reactions) with the overall volume of subscribers. Ideally, a ⅓ of all account subscribers should somehow engage with the content an influencer posted. When talking about YouTube, the easiest way to check this theory is to look at the views each influencer’s video gets as well as a number and quality of comments. With other social media channels, like Twitter or Instagram, you should pay attention to comments, reactions, shares, and likes.
  2. Choose a crypto/blockchain/bitcoin expert that has some experience working or trading in the crypto sphere. It also would be an advantage for an influencer if they have a background in economics, analytics, or finance, depending on the topic of his blog.
  3. Read the comments on several videos. Do you get the impression that people are engaged in the topic of the video/post? Is there a lively discussion and positive emotion expressed? If your answer is “YES” - it is a good sign directly pointing at the high quality of the influencer’s content and audience. If the comments don’t look genuine but rather repetitive, there is a high probability that the accounts that have dropped them are not real, and the views are most likely cheated as well. It’s a common practice in the crypto world. 
  4. Research an influencer’s connection to scam projects. Well, before you start forming your investment decisions based on an influencer’s opinion, you should do your due diligence on the projects and funds they are associated with. Obviously, it is a big red flag if a crypto influencer has previously been involved with any fraudulent activity or project that failed to launch a product, list their token, and so on.
  5. Check their network. Look for influencers that have connections with other influential figures but with excellent reputation. Analyze opinion leaders and companies that are subscribed to these influencers if there are any. Answer the following questions: What famous people do they work and have partnerships with? Have some influential figures worked or collaborated with them previously? 

Top 5 biggest crypto influencers of all time

  1. Vitalik Buterin: Widely known as a co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalic Buterin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency influencers with over 4.8 million followers. In his blog, he shares in-depth reviews of crypto projects and technology, as well as commentaries about different blockchain & crypto events, with his audience.
  2. Andreas Antonopoulos: Andreas manages blogs on two social media networks - Youtube and Twitter. For instance, his Twitter blog is followed by more than 750 thousand people interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Besides that, Andreas has established a strong media presence on Youtube, where he guides crypto newbies through the world of blockchain technologies. The videos he shares on his platform cover a wide range of topics including in-depth reviews, guides, as well as AMA sessions.
  3. Charlie Lee: Litecoin founder and, apart from that, a former Coinbase CTO, is followed by millions of people on Twitter. Through his official twitter account, Charlie updates his followers on the latest news about Litecoin while also creating different interesting pieces related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is always fun and captivating to observe how Charlie delivers complex topics with jokes and memes to keep the readers engaged. 
  4. Anthony Pompliano: One of the earliest Bitcoin adopters, Anthony Pompliano, actively blogs on Twitter, where he is followed by over 1.6 million people. Another distinguishing characteristic of Anthony is that he is a co-founder of a crypto hedge fund - Full Tilt Capital.
  5. Changpeng Zhao: Changpeng Zhao, famous as a founder and CEO of Binance, is one of the most popular crypto influencers and is currently followed by 8.5 million people on Twitter. As an influencer on twitter, he regularly shares updates and news regarding the Binance exchange, provides educational information on blockchain-related topics, and entertains people with situational memes.

What are the biggest female crypto influencers?

Today we are faced with plenty of influencers in the blockchain industry, but the majority of them are male. Let`s discover some popular female crypto KOLs!

  1. Meltem Demirors: She is an experienced investor, crypto connoisseur, and, most important, the Chief Strategy Officer at the digital asset management firm called CoinShares.
  2. Laura Shin: An author of a few books related to crypto; a no-hype crypto journalist, who interviewed many crypto veterans; and a podcast host. 
  3. Layah Heilpern: A blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, who is known as a host of “The Layah Heilpern Show” podcast.
  4. Lea Thompson: She is a blockchain connoisseur, who blogs to make crypto simple and interesting for everyone.
  5. Rachel Siegel: This woman is famous as an influencer, who honestly speaks about her wins and losses and passed the way from poor teacher to crypto millionaire.

The best crypto influencers in different niches